Sunday, 11 November 2018

Week 4 Term 4

  On Tuesday we had fun with a science experiment which to the children's delight caused a reaction

Waiting patiently with Room 13 to begin the experiment.

We put milk in the trays then added red, blue, red and green food colouring.

Lastly dish washing liquid was added.

The reaction started to occur as  soon as the liquid
was added and continued for some time. Each tray
produced different colouring.

The children did a great job in writing up the
experiment in their Topic Books.

Next week there will be another experiment to
enjoy and learn from.

The children were keen to visit our garden this week
 and were very excited to see we had heads on two
of our broccoli plants. All the vegetables we planted
 are doing well and almost ready for harvesting.....

But oh dear what bugs are eating the broccoli leaves?
Next week we will endeavor to find out!

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Week 3 Term 4

On Wednesday we were lucky with the weather
as we had our first athletic afternoon. The
children practised running, throwing and jumping
both high jump and long jump ready for Athletic
Sports on Tues 27th November.

Waiting patiently for our turn at the
 Poetry Festival.

Proudly saying Rooster's Cold in loud, clear voices

Indi holding the certificate Mrs Driver presented to room 12
for doing such a great performance.

Last week the children painted the background for a new
 art piece and this week they began the sunflowers which
they had previously sketched. They learned appropriate
 painting techniques asn they produces wonderful sunflowers.
Next week the paintings will be completed ready to display.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Week 2 Term 4

It's been a short but busy and exciting week in Room 12.

On Tuesday afternoon the children watched a Diwali performance in the hall. The performers were visiting from India and were a very loud  and enthusiastic group. 


Indi was brave enough to get up and dance.

Wednesday was a morning of science experiments and the children were very excited about the different activities they participated in.

                                                                Making ooblek was messy but                   fun.                                                                                                                                           
Watching volcanoes exploding
 in the sandpit was exciting.

Friday.  Room 12 Scooter Park.  And out in the playground the children learned scooter safety rules while having a great deal of fun.
 Photos from an enviro lesson on worms.                                   

Friday, 19 October 2018

Week 1 Term 4

It has been a very good start to the term in Room 12. The children  have settled to their learning and have enjoyed seeing their friends again.

On Monday we went to check on our garden and the children were thrilled to see how well the vegetables have grown. The silverbeet is looking very healthy and so we may have to look at something we can cook with it. I'm not so sure that will appeal to the children!                                                           

Yesterday afternoon the children had music and enviro. During their enviro lessons they were learning about worms and were  asked if they would like to hold a worm. Some were very happy about others, even with encouragement couldn't bring themselves to touch them. 

                                                                                    Room 12 2018                                                                                                                 Next week is a busy week with a Science Day on Wednesday and Scooter Day on Friday - it will be fun. A notice will be in the children's bags on Tuesday.                                                                                                                         


Sunday, 2 September 2018

Week 6 in Room 12

We have had a great week in Room 12

On Tuesday we had The Money Man (Marlon) from the ASB visit us. Much to the children's delight Marlon  soon turned into Captain Cash. As well as talking about notes, coins etc Captain Cash gave them a very good message on saving. Captain Cash was full of enthusiasm which immediatly rubbed off on the children. They listened carefully, answered questions confidently and concentrated fully for the full 45 minutes.

The next morning a parcel arrived. The children had no idea what it was but after several guesses we decided to try and put it together. Some of the children persevered longer than others with Samuel lasting the distance, and he and Miss Robertson completed the task quite quickly.

What was it - perfect timing - a shop and a chance to practise money! This week we will price the goods and begin shopping with the purses and shopping bags we now have.

From this

to this - a great effort.

What fun we will have with our shop which came with fruit, a cash register and scanner and scales. Hopefully lots of learning about money, weighing and collaborating will be evident.

On Friday morning it was the Fathers Day Breakfast. The PTA had done a wonderful job and the hall was buzzing with excited children enjoying an early morning breakfast with fathers, grandfathers, uncles or a  special friend.  One Room 12 child said "this is amazing. Its like a party!"
Thank you all for your donation to the Cancer Society - the school wide collection was very successful.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Our Vegetable Garden

Over the last few weeks we have been creating a vegetable garden with the hope we will grow enough vegetables to make soup.

It was after a discussion on plants that the children had a vote between a flower garden and a vegetable garden and they have really enjoyed having a chance to plant in small groups with Jennie Robertson our Learning Assistant.

At the same time it was decided we needed to put signs in the garden and yesterday the children were pleased to be able to add the signs in the garden.

At the same time the children have been waiting patiently for their bean seeds to shoot and hopefully grow tall enough for Jack to reach the castle!

Through these two activities the children have learnt what plants need to survive and that plants are suited to certain environments.

If you have a chance ask your child to take you to see the garden.

Thank you to Piptia's for showing us how to make dumplings last week. The children enjoyed to experience and were certainly very happy to sample the dumplings they made.